Ruby Franke Story

Ruby Franke

American YouTuber and Mother of Six

Ruby Franke Story

Ruby Franke, born on January 18, 1982, is a popular YouTube star. She has made a name for herself by showcasing the importance of a close-knit family in her videos.

But her online life has recently come under scrutiny following child abuse rumors. A Reddit account shared a copy of Hildebrandt and Franke’s arrest booking record.

Ruby Franke Family

Ruby Franke Family

Ruby Franke is a popular YouTuber and mother of six. She was born on January 18, 1982 in Utah and is of Welsh descent. She was raised with her four siblings by her parents Chad and Jennifer Griffiths. Ruby grew up in a close-knit family and learned the importance of a woman’s role as a mother. This was a pivotal moment in her life that shaped her values and led to her success as a vlogger.

Originally, Ruby Franke gained fame as part of the 8 Passengers channel, which showcased her family’s daily lives. The channel had a peak subscriber count of more than one million. However, the family dynamic took a turn in 2020 when subscribers began to notice signs of child abuse and exploitation. For instance, in one video, the family’s 15-year-old son revealed that he was forced to sleep on the floor for seven months as punishment for pulling a prank on his brother. Other disturbing videos also surfaced, including a clip where the family allegedly threatened to withhold food from their daughter.

As a result, many viewers began to boycott the channel, leading to a drastic decline in viewership. In the end, the family was reportedly subject to an investigation by CPS. Afterward, the family left the platform and appeared to have cut contact with one another. Currently, the only member of the family that still has an active social media account is Shari Franke, the eldest daughter of Ruby and Kevin.

Shari has since distanced herself from her family and the 8 Passengers channel, focusing on her personal endeavors. She has shared her journey and experiences on her various platforms, addressing the reasons behind her estrangement from her family. However, the family has not commented on her situation.

Personal Life

Ruby Franke is an American social media star who gained fame through her family’s popular YouTube channel called 8 Passengers. The channel documented the family’s daily interactions and home-cooked meals. It also featured the children’s performances. However, the channel was mysteriously taken down in 2022. Franke subsequently formed a parenting counseling service called ConneXions with business partner Jodi Hildebrandt. Recently, the two were arrested for alleged child abuse.

Besides her professional endeavors, Ruby has a large social media following on Instagram and Twitter. Ruby is a strong believer in the power of motherhood and strives to help other mothers. Ruby has also spoken out about the importance of loving oneself and embracing femininity. She has even written a book, titled Motherhood is Everything.

She is married to Kevin Franke and together they have six children: Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, Eve, and Shari. The oldest son has reportedly moved out and is now 18, while the youngest four children still live with the parents.

Aside from vlogging, Ruby is also a successful interior designer. She has collaborated with several companies, including HSN and Amazon. Her work has received critical acclaim.

In addition to her career, Ruby has become a prominent figure in the Christian community. She frequently speaks at conferences and other events, and her videos are viewed by millions of people online.

According to sources, Ruby was born on January 18, 1982 in Utah, United States. Her parents are Chad Griffith and Jennifer Griffiths. She has an older brother named Beau.

Ruby attended Utah State University and majored in accounting, but she dropped out before earning a degree. She later found herself with a full-time job at a local business.

While she has largely abandoned the 8 Passengers YouTube channel, she remains committed to ConneXions. She has been filming workshops and creating classes to share the principles of the organization. The family has also started a mom support group on Facebook. The group has been accused of promoting ideals of homophobia, transphobia, and racism.


Ruby Franke and her family rose to fame with the launch of their popular YouTube channel, 8 Passengers. The Mormon couple and their six children, Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve, regularly shared stories of their day-to-day life through videos. The channel quickly garnered over 2.5 million subscribers and gained them media attention as well.

The videos were often funny and authentic. They focused on the quirky, relatable side of motherhood and a close-knit family. The family has also amassed a large social media following on Instagram. In recent years, however, the family has faced several controversies and criticism.

Some of these controversies include allegations of child abuse. In 2022, some of their viewers reported them to authorities for allegedly abusing their children. For example, one video depicted their oldest son, Chad, sleeping on a beanbag for seven months. The family denied these accusations and claimed that they were simply teaching their children consequences of their actions.

Aside from her family vlogs, Ruby has also created a parenting coaching service called ConneXions along with her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt. The platform features workshops and classes based on the principles of the program, which promotes healthy relationships between parents and their children. The group also maintains a Facebook page and YouTube channel, where they share tips on parenthood.

Ruby is a self-described “recovering helicopter parent” who used to be highly involved in her kids’ lives. She says she realized how controlling she was through her YouTube videos and decided to let go of some of her strict rules. For instance, she allowed her daughter to quit piano and her youngest to get a pet snake.

Despite these controversies, the family remains close to their fans. They frequently attend conventions and participate in meet and greets with their fans. They are also supportive of their community and help others in need. Those are especially active in Utah and have a strong presence there.

Ruby Franke Net Worth

Ruby Franke Net Worth

Ruby Franke is a social media star who has gained fame through her relatable family content on the 8 Passengers YouTube channel. The channel has attracted millions of subscribers and has gained viral status. But recently, controversies surrounding the family’s parenting methods have drawn attention and fueled debates. The recent arrest of the 41-year-old mother and vlogger on charges of aggravated child abuse has also added fuel to the fire.

The Frankes’ strict parenting style has drawn the ire of some viewers and led to several reports to local authorities. In June 2020, viewers alerted local child protective services after the family’s 15-year-old son Chad disclosed in a video that he had been sleeping on a beanbag for an extended period of time.

According to reports, the family resides in Springville, Utah. Ruby and her husband, Kevin, have six children. Ruby’s oldest daughter, Shari, has her own YouTube channel and is a student at BYU. The other children are currently in high school.

The family has amassed a massive following on their YouTube channel and earns a considerable amount of money. They earn through YouTube ads, merchandise sales, and sponsorships. In addition, they make a significant sum through collaborations with influencers and brands.

Ruby’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million USD. The channel has been in operation since 2015 and has more than 2.5 million subscribers. The family also has a second channel, Ohana Adventure, which focuses on family-oriented content. The channel has been a hit with young girls who are looking for advice on parenting and homeschooling their children.

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