Mike Johnson Wife

Mike Johnson Wife

Kelly Lary – Licensed Pastoral Counselor and Lecturer on Family-Related Topics

Kelly Lary is a licensed Pastoral Counselor and a lecturer on family-related topics. She is also a mother of four children and an advocate for family welfare.

The couple has two daughters Hannah and Abigail and sons Jack and Will. They have publicly spoken about their covenant marriage, which is a stricter marital arrangement that is only legal in three states.

Mike Johnson Wife Kelly Lary


Mike Johnson wife is Kelly Lary, a former school teacher. She is also a licensed pastoral counselor and a lecturer on family-related issues. She and her husband have four children, Hannah, Abigail, Jack, and Will. She is an advocate for family welfare, and she works to promote heterosexual marriage in her community.

Mike Johnson is a socially conservative American politician from Louisiana who has recently become the 56th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, succeeding Kevin McCarthy. He was elected to Congress in 2017 and served in the state House of Representatives before that. He is a member of the Republican Party and has a strong evangelical faith. His wife, Kelly, has often discussed his political beliefs and faith on her podcast, “Truth Be Told.”

She and her husband married in a covenant marriage in 1999, which is a stricter type of marriage that only allows for divorce under certain circumstances. She has spoken out against homosexuality and abortion, and she and her husband have led marriage retreats for their church, Cypress Baptist. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Louisiana Tech University and has worked as a teacher in public schools and private schools throughout the state. She currently serves as the founder and president of Onward Christian Counseling Services, a practice that provides religious-based individual, marriage, and family counseling.

Although she hasn’t made many public appearances since becoming speaker, she has been supportive of her husband’s work and has helped him navigate his new role in Congress. She has defended his controversial position on the Israel-Palestine peace process and condemned a resolution that would cut aid to Ukraine. She has also criticized the left for using her husband’s religious beliefs to attack him.

Mike and Kelly are very close to each other, and they share the same beliefs. She has supported him in his efforts to make a difference in the world, and she has encouraged him to pursue his dreams in life. She is a role model for their children and the entire community.

Kelly Lary is a Mother of Four Children

Kelly Lary is a mother of four children, including her youngest son who will soon be a freshman in college. She has reported from Iran, North Korea and Ukraine, bringing urgent stories from around the world closer to home for NPR listeners. She also has extensive experience in pharmaceutical sales and a Master of Business Administration.

She met Johnson when he was just shy of his law degree at LSU, where she was an elementary school teacher. They married in May 1998, and she has since shifted her focus from fighting fires to expanding religious rights. She is a member of the Minden Lions Club and works as a licensed pastoral counselor. She is a strong advocate for family welfare, especially in the area of education.

She is An Advocate For Family Welfare

Kelly Lary is a partner at Holland & Hart and leads the firm’s Washington, DC office. Her practice is at the intersection of law and public policy, involving environmental, energy, and natural resource issues for a range of clients. She has extensive experience representing federal decision makers on Capitol Hill and the Department of Justice, and she regularly advises clients facing enforcement or regulatory matters. She is also a member of the firm’s five-partner Management Committee. Her areas of advocacy focus on parental rights and family welfare. Kelly is a 1992 graduate of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. She is a member of the American Bar Association.

She is A Licensed Pastoral Counselor

Kelly Johnson, the wife of newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson, is a licensed pastoral counselor who has long been active in the religious conservative community. She has served as a legal counsel and national spokesperson for a religious nonprofit associated with conservative causes, as well as an instructor of constitutional law seminar classes and board member of numerous local groups and ministries.

Her Christian counseling practice focuses on Temperament counselling, which divides people into five temperament types. She is also a published author and has spoken to various audiences on biblical truth and morality. She and her husband are also co-hosts of the podcast “Truth Be Told,” in which they discuss political and social issues from a religious perspective.

She has been vocal about her opposition to homosexuality and same-sex marriage, which she views as sins. On the podcast she co-hosted with her husband until he became House Speaker, she warned that the country was entering a “culture war,” and urged listeners to read their Bibles. She has also spoken out against abortion and endorsed covenant marriage, an agreement that makes it harder to divorce.

Despite her controversial statements, friends in Shreveport say that Kelly is a kind and compassionate person who has been unfairly attacked. Nancy Victory, a former judge who has known the couple for two decades, said that her opinion of Mrs. Johnson is that “she’s a good person and a wonderful mom.”

In her personal life, Kelly has been involved in community service and has been active in church ministry. She and her husband have four children, Hannah, Abigail, Jack, and Will. She and her family live in Bossier Parish, Louisiana.

Mike and Kelly Johnson have been married since 1999, and they share a strong Christian faith. They are both dedicated to serving their community and believe that God has called them to this work. They are committed to teaching their children the values of hard work and integrity. They are passionate about helping people with their spiritual needs and serve as mentors to young believers. They are also strong advocates for small business owners and love their local community.

Kelly is A Christian

The newly elected House speaker, Mike Johnson of Louisiana, has a wife who is deeply conservative. She is a Christian and has strong opinions on abortion, homosexuality, and women’s rights. She is also a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage, which she believes is a sin. In fact, she has compared homosexuality to incest and bestiality on her counseling website. The site has since been removed, but it has raised questions about her beliefs.

Mike and Kelly Johnson were married in 1999 and have four children, including two sons and two daughters. They also host a podcast called “Truth Be Told,” which discusses religion’s role in American life. She is a former elementary school teacher and currently works as a licensed pastoral counselor. She and her husband are both members of Cypress Baptist Church in Benton, Louisiana. The church is a covenant church, which means it only recognizes marriage between a man and a woman.

As a constitutional lawyer, Mike Johnson has long advocated for religious freedom, especially against LGBTQ and abortion rights. He argues that the Constitution’s separation of church and state does not prevent the government from supporting religious beliefs. He has also criticized the Supreme Court’s ruling that gay people should be allowed to marry.

His wife, Kelly, has also been a prominent supporter of religious liberty. She runs a Christian counseling service and has a leadership position in the Alliance Defending Freedom. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s in education. She has also written several books on family and religious issues.

She has been a guest on a number of political talk shows, and her views have been featured in articles for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post. She has also made frequent appearances on Fox News and hosts a podcast with her husband, Mike. Despite her deep-held beliefs, she has maintained a positive public image and has been praised for her politeness and courtesy. Friends describe her as an incredibly kind person who is able to keep her emotions in check.

Kelly Lary is A Conservative

Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, was elected speaker of the House in October 2023 after a scramble by his party’s hard-right wing to replace Kevin McCarthy. He is an ardent supporter of the religious right and opposes abortion and gay marriage. His wife, Kelly, also has conservative beliefs and is active in her church. She co-hosts a podcast called Truth Be Told, which offers “thoughtful analysis of hot political topics from a Christian perspective.”

Prior to her husband’s election to Congress, she ran a counseling company that specialized in temperament therapy. Her practice partnered with a group that opposed homosexuality and abortion, and its website once featured a statement comparing homosexuality to bestiality. The statement has since been removed from the site, but the company’s affiliation with an anti-gay organization and her husband’s stance on these issues have raised questions about her views.

After graduating from Captain Shreve High School in Shreveport, Kelly Johnson earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Louisiana State University in 1995 and a law degree from LSU’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center in 1998. She later worked as a teacher and then became a licensed pastoral counselor. She now runs her own practice, Onward Christian Counseling Services, which provides religious-based individual and family counseling. She also serves as an advisor to the Louisiana Right to Life organization.

Kelly and Mike married in 1999, and they share four children: Hannah, Abigail, Jack, and Will. They are both devoted to their faith and often post about their family life on Facebook. The couple has spoken about their commitment to traditional marriage and their opposition to abortion and LGBTQ rights. They are members of a Baptist church and lead marriage retreats for their parish, Cypress Baptist.

Despite their deep religious convictions, they are also tolerant of people of different religions and lifestyles. They have hosted an interfaith event with Muslims in their home and are open to having discussions about their beliefs with others. They are also involved in their local community, donating to charities and helping students at their children’s schools.

She is A Wife

Despite her firmly conservative views, Kelly Johnson has found herself in the spotlight recently as the wife of new House Speaker Mike Johnson. Her association with a counseling service that has anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ views drew scrutiny. The company’s website reportedly became inaccessible after her husband took office. The business specializes in temperament counseling, which is based on the teachings of ancient Greek physician Hippocrates.

The couple has four children, including daughters Hannah and Abigail and sons Jack and Will. They often post about their kids on social media and have shared many personal details about their marriage. Johnson and his wife have also spoken publicly about their “covenant marriage,” a stricter arrangement that prevents couples from divorcing until after two years of marriage and only under certain circumstances.

As a member of the Republican Party, Johnson has worked tirelessly to advance the interests of the right-wing, evangelical Christian community. He has a long career of litigating high-profile constitutional law cases and has worked on a variety of political campaigns. He is also a former member of the Louisiana legislature and has worked as an attorney at the Family Research Council.

He is a graduate of Captain Shreve High School in Shreveport and received a B.S. in business administration from LSU in Baton Rouge. He also earned a law degree from LSU’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center. He and his wife are Southern Baptists and co-host a podcast called Truth Be Told, which analyzes political issues from a religious perspective.

While his political work keeps him in Washington for longer stretches, friends say that Johnson’s wife is well-equipped to handle the demands of her husband’s job. She grew up in Louisiana and has strong roots in the community, where she spent her career as an elementary teacher and counselor before they married.

Friends describe Kelly as a supportive spouse who takes the lead in raising the couple’s children while her husband works in Washington. She is especially protective of their children’s privacy and has been careful to avoid public criticism of her husband’s controversial positions on same-sex marriage and abortion.

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