Kindness Of Cinderella

Kindness Of Cinderella
Kindness Of Cinderella

The Story of Cinderella

Cinderella is a kind and patient young woman living in misery with her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. When she hears the Prince is throwing a ball and looking for a wife, she hopes to attend.

She works hard to prepare for the ball and helps her half-sisters. But when the day comes, she watches them leave without her.

Kindness Of Cinderella

A wealthy widower takes a second wife with two daughters of her own. The girls are vain and selfish, and their stepsister is jealous of Cinderella’s kindness and sweetness. She drives the poor girl to do hard chores around the house, overburdening her with duties and mocking her. Often, the girl would warm herself near the fireplace and she was left covered in ashes and that is how she got her nickname “Cinderella.” However, the girl always obeyed and remained meek. Her goodness also won her the friendship of the mice and birds in the house.

One day, the Prince throws a ball and invites all the women in the kingdom to attend it.The fairy godmother asks if she wants to go to the ball, and Cinderella says yes. The fairy godmother also gives her a beautiful dress and glass slippers, and tells her to be back by midnight.

At the end of Act Two, a major obstacle will appear that will change what the protagonist wants. In Cinderella’s case, her fairy godmother appears and reminds her that she needs to be back by midnight or the magic will fade. The protagonist will then try to overcome this obstacle, and in the process will learn a lesson. This is a great lesson to teach about the importance of being kind and showing human values. It also teaches the value of perseverance, as Cinderella was willing to endure her stepmother’s abuse and never gave up on her dreams.

How to forgive those who hurt you

A fairy tale is a story about magical and imaginary creatures, worlds, and events. They often feature a heroine that goes from rags to riches and finds true love, and they have happy endings. They can also teach children about the importance of morality and how to deal with problems in life.

How to forgive those who hurt you

Cinderella is one of the most famous fairy tales worldwide. It has been told in different variations for thousands of years.

Despite the abuse and manipulation that her stepmother inflicts on her, Cinderella refuses to let her situation bring her down. She never gives up on her dreams, and she tries to find the best in those around her. This is the reason why the film is considered a classic.

One of the most important lessons that Cinderella teaches is how to forgive those who hurt you. When her stepsisters Drusilla and Anastasia turn against her. She even demonstrates her forgiveness by curtseying to them before leaving in her carriage.

It’s easy to see why this film is considered a classic. It has a great cast, beautiful animation, and a touching story. While not everyone will agree that it is the best Disney film ever made, there is no denying that it is a very good film. It is worth watching with the whole family. It will definitely keep you entertained and leave you wanting more.

The glass slipper

The glass slipper

The tale of Cinderella has hundreds of variants, but the core idea remains the same. The main character, who is often a young woman, is in difficult circumstances and lives on the charity of others. Then she is found by someone and elevated to a higher social class through marriage. The story also has a tendency to feature magical items or beings.

The earliest known story of the type was recorded by the Greek geographer Strabon of Amaseia in his encyclopedia of history and geography called Geographika, published before 24 AD. It recounts a legend of Rhodopis, a courtesan in sixth century BCE Greece who was taken by an eagle to Egypt and dropped one of her sandals in the lap of the Egyptian King. The king then made her his queen.

Another early version of the story was recorded in 1634 in a collection of Italian fairy tales called Cenerentola by Giambattista Basile. It contains all the elements of the modern Cinderella story, including the wicked stepmother and stepsisters, the glass slipper, and the prince who falls in love with the maiden. The Brothers Grimm included a similar tale in their collection of fairy tales more than 100 years later.

Other versions of the story often revolve around a young woman being persecuted by her family, and then suddenly elevated to a better situation through marriage. These stories are sometimes called Cinderella stories, and are most common among lower-class families. For example, in the story Pretty in Pink, the main character is a lower-class girl who moves to a rich upper-middle-class family through marriage. The move is portrayed as the most significant event in the heroine’s life. This type of tale is commonly used in romance novels, movies, and TV shows.


During the course of this fairy tale, several characters appear to aid and support Cinderella in her struggle for survival. These supporting characters, ranging from the royal servants to the animals in her household, add depth and meaning to the narrative. They also provide a contrast to the negative character of her stepmother and her daughters, who are characterized as mean-spirited, jealous and manipulative.

Cinderella’s father is a deceased gentleman who loved his daughter and gave her countless luxuries in his lifetime. After his death, the girl is begrudgingly taken in by a woman and her two daughters, who treat Cinderella poorly. The Stepmother is viciously jealous of Cinderella’s charm and beauty, and her desire to see one of her daughters marry a Prince drives her to abuse and degrade the girl.

The two Stepmother’s daughters are petty, haughty, vain and selfish, and they take pleasure in humiliating and deriding Cinderella. Despite their lack of natural charm or grace, the sisters think highly of themselves and believe that they are worthy of the Prince’s adoration. The daughters are played by Rhoda Williams and Lucille Bliss in the film.

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