Jeffrey Epstein list

Jeffrey Epstein list

Jeffrey Epstein list

Jeffrey Epstein list 1

Jeffrey Epstein list, A judge has unsealed 187 entries in the Jeffrey Epstein book of names. Many of those who figured in the convicted pedophile’s list were previously known to have been associated with him or his former mistress Ghislaine Maxwell.

They may have been associates, employees, or people who flew on his private jet. They could also have been victims or witnesses.

Who’s on the list?

The names of more than 170 people associated with convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein were unsealed Wednesday by a judge in New York. The list includes powerful associates like former President Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, along with the late model agent Jean Luc Brunel and Glenn Dubbin, the head of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. But just because someone’s name is in the document doesn’t mean they were involved with the crimes that led to Epstein’s suicide by hanging in his jail cell in 2019.

The list includes sex abuse victims, witnesses and others who had only a tangential connection to the millionaire financier, who was accused of running an international sex trafficking ring targeting underage girls. The names are released in a lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre against Epstein and his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell. Judge Loretta Preska unsealed the names, which were redacted in part to protect the privacy of victims.

Two women who were named in the documents remain anonymous because they requested their names be kept private, according to court filings. A lawyer for one of the Doe defendants said her client is worried about retaliation and wants to protect her family and children. A lawyer for another Doe defendant said her client does not want to speak publicly about the case.

Giuffre’s lawyers have questioned her credibility, arguing that she misled prosecutors about seeing a number of prominent men on Epstein’s private Caribbean island. The two former presidents are also mentioned because they sometimes flew on Epstein’s private plane, though Giuffre has not accused either of wrongdoing.

Other well-known figures who appear in the documents include magician David Copperfield, Prince Andrew and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Also appearing are Woody Allen, actor Kevin Spacey and Harvard professor Noam Chomsky. The names are based on testimony or depositions made in the 2015 civil lawsuit filed by Giuffre against Epstein and Maxwell. The names were published in part because of a dispute over inaccuracies in newspaper stories about the time Giuffre spent with Epstein and Maxwell.

Who else’s name is on the list?

A federal judge has unsealed the names of more than 170 associates of disgraced financier and alleged sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, including power players like Prince Andrew, former President Bill Clinton and law professor Alan Dershowitz. But the list, compiled from depositions in a 2015 lawsuit between alleged victim Virginia Giuffre and Epstein’s co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell, does not necessarily implicate any of them in wrongdoing, and some of those on the list may have nothing to do with the case at all.

The list, which is organized alphabetically by first name with last names listed as “J. Doe,” is expected to shed light on the extent of the sex-trafficking scheme that prosecutors say involved dozens of young girls at his homes in Manhattan, Palm Beach, Florida and his private island in the Caribbean. It also may reveal the identity of juvenile victims and those who may have witnessed the crimes, as well as individuals who were only peripherally connected to the case.

Among the people whose names were revealed this week are those who appeared on flight manifests from Epstein’s private jet, which he nicknamed the “Lolita Express.” The revelations came after Gawker published a trove of public documents that included private plane logs, private calendars and statements made by witnesses in legal depositions in the lawsuit brought against Giuffre and Maxwell. Many of the people on the list appear to have frequented Epstein’s Manhattan penthouse or his estate in Palm Beach and travelled with him to his private island in the Caribbean.

But the most notable name on the list is likely former President Clinton, who is referenced as “J. Doe 36” in more than 50 redacted pages. The release of the list comes as Clinton faces questions about his relationship with Epstein after the financier pleaded guilty in 2008 to soliciting minors for prostitution in Florida.

A lawyer for Clinton says he will defend his client against any charges of wrongdoing, arguing that the former president severed ties with Epstein after leaving office and was unaware of his activities. The FBI is investigating whether Clinton, who has not been charged with any crime, may have harmed or threatened any of Epstein’s alleged victims.

What does the list mean?

The list that a judge recently ordered to be unsealed includes dozens of people who have close associations with the late financier and alleged paedophile. Social media has been rife with speculation about what the list will reveal. However, the truth is much less scandalous than what many have assumed.

A large number of the names included in the court documents released Wednesday are public figures who have had ties to Epstein over the years. The rest are associates who have either worked for him or who were his friends but weren’t involved in any wrongdoing, witnesses who testified during Epstein’s trial, or prosecutors and journalists who investigated the case. Many of them were previously publicly identified as variants of “J Doe.”

Some of the names on the list have already been made public in previous court records. The rest have been extensively covered in nearly two decades’ worth of newspaper stories, TV documentaries, interviews and books about Epstein. Several of the names on the list have been linked to high-profile figures, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, the late pop superstar Michael Jackson and singer Adele.

One of the most significant names on the list is Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite who was married to Robert Maxwell, the late founder of the Daily Telegraph. Maxwell allegedly helped Epstein recruit girls and then exploited them for his own sexual gain. She was convicted in 2022 of sex trafficking and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

In a deposition, she says she was pressured to have sexual relationships with high-profile men, including the former presidents and Prince Andrew. She also claims she met the entertainers David Copperfield and Michael Jackson at Epstein’s homes.

The judge presiding over the Epstein case, US District Judge Loretta Preska, paused the release of the documents for 14 days so that any impacted “Does” had the opportunity to request their names be kept private. She also ruled that the impacted “Does” would be allowed to remain anonymous in the case’s future proceedings. During the pause, a few of the names on the list were released.

What are the implications of the list?

A trove of documents unsealed last week brought renewed attention to the sex trafficking scandal involving disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. But the initial release of 40 documents largely echoed information already publicized by various media sources over the past two decades.

The upcoming release of names linked to Epstein—believed to include top figures in entertainment, politics and business—is expected to reveal the extent of his social circle and implicate influential individuals in his crimes. The names were compiled from hundreds of sealed court filings about the accused sex offender, who died in his Manhattan jail cell in 2019.

District Judge Loretta Preska ruled in December that many of the records could be made public, as long as the identities of his victims and others who weren’t complicit in his crimes didn’t appear on the list. The first batch of names to be released included recruiters, associates and “affiliates” of Epstein and his alleged partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted of sex trafficking girls for Epstein in 2022 and is serving a prison sentence.

But the initial list of names didn’t include any high-profile names that were widely speculated to be part of his inner circle, including celebrities, politicians and royalty. One of the documents released included a deposition from alleged victim Johanna Sjoberg, who said Epstein and Maxwell pressured her to engage in sexual relationships with powerful men including Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew. Both denied the allegations and Prince Andrew settled a lawsuit out of court.

Sjoberg’s deposition also included transcripts of conversations with her and others who were recruited by Epstein or Maxwell. In one of the conversations, Sjoberg said she told Epstein she wanted to become a professional bridge player, and that he suggested he help her with the business. Another witness, alleged victim Maria Antonova, said she was told by Epstein and Maxwell that Bill Clinton liked young women and asked her to bring him gifts and money. The list of names that’s to be made public includes people who worked as recruiters, associates and affiliates of Epstein and Maxwell and those who testified in the case against them, prosecutors and investigators.

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