Dolly Parton Tattoos Full Sleeves

Dolly Parton Tattoos

Dolly Parton Tattoos

Dolly Parton has been in the spotlight for decades, but she hasn’t always been open with her private details. For example, fans have long wondered about Dolly Parton Tattoos, which she keeps covered with full-sleeve outfits.

The “Jolene” singer recently opened up about her body art, sharing that she has more than one piece of pastel-colored body ink.


There are a lot of undeniable truths about Dolly Parton. She’s a country legend, a philanthropist, and an icon for women everywhere. Her songs, like 9 to 5 and Jolene, are some of the most popular ever on Billboard’s charts, and she’s starred in movies and TV shows like Steel Magnolias and The Porter Wagoner Show. And while she might not be as young as she used to be, she’s still got that gravity-defying figure and her signature blonde hair.

But there’s one rumor about Dolly Parton that just won’t die: the rumors that she has an extensive tattoo collection. And while she’s denied some of the rumors, she has confirmed at least one.

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In a recent interview with Jad Abumrad for his podcast Dolly Parton’s America, Parton addressed the rumors about her body art, sharing that she does have a few “tastefully done” tattoos, including ribbons and bows, butterflies, and a beehive on her shoulder that covers a scar. The singer also explained that some of her tattoos are reminders of things she’s overcome in her life, like a bad bout of depression in her 30s.

While Dolly Parton has been clear about her body art, she’s never shown it in public, and the rumors have only increased over time. As a result, many fans have been left wondering if Dolly has full-sleeve tattoos or not. And while she’s shot down the rumors about having tattoos on her arms, she hasn’t confirmed that she doesn’t have any more on her body.

Dolly Parton has been frank about her body in the past, sharing that she’s had tattoos to cover up scarring from previous surgeries and for any scars that didn’t heal properly. She’s also revealed that she has a couple of butterfly tattoos as a tribute to her lifelong love for the insects. And while she hasn’t paid tribute to her late husband Carl Dean with a tattoo, the singer has said he is always on her heart.

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Dolly Parton is a country music legend, the author of many chart-topping songs, and a beloved pop culture icon who has starred in 9 to 5, Steel Magnolias, and The Porter Wagoner Show. She’s also a beauty queen, with platinum locks and a gravity-defying figure. But what most people don’t know is that Dolly is a tattooed lady, with a few secret inks hidden throughout her body.

Over the years, Dolly has only confirmed a few of her tattoos, and she’s kept many others a mystery. Despite this, fans have managed to find a few hints of her inks. Dolly has been pictured with a butterfly, a bow, a flower, and even a beehive on her body.

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In a recent interview, Dolly revealed that she has a few secret tattoos, but didn’t give away any details about where they are or what they mean. She did say, however, that she doesn’t have a full sleeve like some of her fellow singers. She also said that she doesn’t have a portrait of her husband, Carl Dean, on her body. She explained that he is instead “tattooed on my heart.”

Whether or not Dolly has a full sleeve of tattoos, she certainly has plenty of other secrets to keep! In the past, she has been spotted wearing a low-cut dress that appeared to reveal a rose petal tattoo on her cleavage. She has also been seen with a beehive on her shoulder, and a flower on her foot. Dolly is definitely a mysterious woman, and it’s no surprise that she’s been keeping her secrets for decades!


Dolly Parton Tattoos Full Sleeves

Dolly Parton is a legendary country music singer and entertainer who is known for her iconic beauty, her incredible talent as a songwriter, and her work in film and television. The “Jolene” hitmaker is also notorious for her extensive cosmetic surgeries, including a $1.5 million breast augmentation. But she’s not afraid to take some risks when it comes to her appearance, which has included a number of tattoos.

Dolly’s body art has been the source of many rumors and conspiracy theories over the years, with fans wondering where the singer’s tattoos are located and what she’s hiding under her long sleeves. In an interview with People in 2020, Parton cleared up some of the mysteries surrounding her tattoos and their origins.

The singer’s first tattoo was an angel that she got when she was 18 years old, according to her autobiography My Sweet Hometown. She had been living in a boarding house at the time, and the angel was a symbol of hope for her. In her book, Parton reveals that the angel helped her to keep going when she felt down and out, reminding her that she would be alright.

Over the years, the “Jolene” singer has gotten other tattoos to match the angel on her arm. Parton has shared in interviews that she has a butterfly and an angel on her arms, as well as some baskets of flowers that were done by her sister, Cindy. She has also shared that the butterflies and flowers are a way for her to stay connected to her family and friends.

Parton has been wearing long sleeves for decades, which led to rumors that she has many tattoos and is hiding them with her clothing choices. In a 1996 interview with Jay Leno, she confirmed that she did have some tattoos, although she did not disclose the locations of them. Parton said that her tattoos were very delicate and not dark, unlike most of the tattoos that other celebrities have — they are mostly pastel colors.

In 2012, paparazzi seemed to get a glimpse of a rose petal tattoo in Dolly’s cleavage when she was wearing a low-cut dress at the premiere of the movie Joyful Noise. However, Parton later revealed that the tattoo was a part of the scenery in the film, and she has since denied any other rumors of her having a tattoo in her cleavage.


Dolly Parton has a lot to be proud of, but her body art is perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects about her. Her preference for long sleeves has sparked rumors that she’s hiding a secret tattoo collection under her outfits, and though she doesn’t show them to the public, she did confirm to W Magazine that she does have multiple pieces of pastel body inking.

She’s also a fan of flowers, which she’s had displayed on her sternum for years. Paparazzi once thought they caught a glimpse of an inked flower peeking out from under her top during the 2012 premiere of Joyful Noise, but she explained that it’s actually a scar from surgery.

While the “Jolene” singer won’t let anyone see her entire tattoo collection, she has revealed that her designs are meant to help cover keloid scarring from past surgeries. She’s also said that she gets them because of her love for butterflies and other flora and fauna.

As the daughter of an alcoholic father, Dolly has always had a strong family bond and is very close to her siblings. The singer has a special place in her heart for her late brother, who died when she was just two. As a tribute to him, Dolly got the number 13 — his birthdate — inked on her left hand.

Despite her love for music, Dolly’s biggest passion is philanthropy. She’s dedicated her life to helping others, including forming her Imagination Library program, which gives children books each month until they graduate from elementary school. The nonprofit has now sent out over 100 million books!

In a 2020 interview with People, Dolly shot down a few of the weirdest rumors surrounding her. While she admits to having more than a few tattoos, she says they’re not as many as the full-sleeves some people believe her to have. She also confirms that she has a portrait of husband Carl Dean on her forearm, but that he’s not tattooed on her body because he’s already “tattooed on my heart”. Dolly has always been a devoted and loving wife to Dean, whom she married in 1964.

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