Box Full of Kisses

Box Full of Kisses

Box Full of Kisses – A Book Review

Box Full of Kisses is a sweet and tender separation anxiety story. Little Bear is worried about Mama Bear going away but she reassures him that she will always be there for him.

She leaves him kisses in jars, envelopes and on his fingers. He then comes up with a brilliant idea that helps them both stay together – a kiss box!

The story

Box Full of Kisses is the perfect book for any parent or teacher who has a child with separation anxiety. It is a sweet story about Mama Bear and Little Bear and their search for ways to stay connected when they are apart. The illustrations are perfect for a child to relate to and would make a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.

The illustrations

Whenever Mama Bear has to leave her little one, she tells him that she will always return and that she is sending him love and kisses. But Baby Bear wants to do something in return to keep her love with him. He comes up with the idea of making a kiss box filled with 100 kisses so that when he is missing her, he can reach in and take out a kiss. He then helps his mother make a box of her own so that she can keep his kisses with her too.

In this heartwarming tale of Mama Bear and her little one, Verburg gently soothes her child’s anxieties with tender reassurances. Her gentle language and calming illustrations will comfort children while teaching them to express their love with words.

The art will touch the heart of children and parents alike. The book is also a great way to teach children how to be independent without losing their sense of safety and security. This is a wonderful way to help a child cope with their first day of school, or any other time that they feel disconnected from their parent. The book is a beautiful reminder of how loved you are even when you are away.

The message

Whether you’re buying it for a holiday or an occasion, for a naughty or nice gift, or even just because, Box Full of Kisses is an ideal way to express your love. Engage the sense of smell with a bottle of Eau du parfum or cologne (in the Box for Her), touch your partner with a book of thirty-six sensual smooches, and taste the sweetness of breath mints. The box is also a unique alternative to flowers and candy.

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or just because, Box Full of Kisses is the perfect way to show your love. This unique gift is sure to delight your recipient and will express all those little things you can’t quite put into words.

The packaging

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