Are You Afraid of the Dark Ghost Island

Are You Afraid of the Dark Ghost Island

Are You Afraid of the Dark Ghost Island

Previously known as Carnival of Doom and Curse of the Shadows and Are You Afraid of the Dark Ghost island is the third season of Nickelodeon’s reboot of its ’90s kids horror series. This limited series combines likeable characters and solid storytelling with a creepy atmosphere that should appeal to modern teens.


Are You Afraid of the Dark Ghost island marks the third season of the revival series of Nickelodeon’s iconic ’90s kids’ horror anthology. Because the first two seasons had different Midnight Society groups tell riveting horror stories from a kid’s perspective. Or the latest version of the show, filmed on location in the Dominican Republic, has received critical acclaim for its strong performances and genuine scares. The show recently won a Writers Guild award and has received nominations from the Directors Guild of America and Artios Awards.

This season of the acclaimed horror anthology takes us on a trip to a scenic resort island where four best friends find their summer vacation ruined by genuine terror locked away in one of the hotel rooms. Caught in a battle between the living and the dead, they must harness the power of their friendship to survive.

The first episode, entitled The Tale of Room 13, begins with the group, Kayla (Telci Huynh), Leo (Luca Padova), Summer (Dior Goodjohn), and Ferris (Chance Hurstfield) huddled around an unlit bonfire on the beach. As the clip shifts to night, Max (Conor Sherry), and the new member of the group, joins them.

As the group continues to huddle around the campfire, they also begin to play games that are based on their scary stories. The games range from simple to more complex and require the kids to work together. The show’s producers are Shauna Phelan and Zack Olin, Co-Heads of Nickelodeon & Awesomeness Live-Action, along with ACE Entertainment’s Matt Kaplan and Chris Foss, who serve as executive producer and co-executive producer for the season, and JT Billings, who serves as showrunner and writer.


Are You Afraid of the Dark is one of Nickelodeon’s most iconic series from the ’90s, and in 2019 the original anthology horror show returned with a modern reboot. The current series, titled Are You Afraid of the Dark Ghost island, follows a new iteration of the Midnight Society as they encounter new horrifying supernatural forces. The new season premiered on Saturday, July 30.

The series revolves around a group of kids who meet weekly to tell spooky stories around the campfire. The teens are a bit older than the original series’ target audience of preteens but still have a lot in common, including their love of horror movies and other scary stuff.

Rachel is the shy daughter of a police chief. She doesn’t have many friends at school and is a social outcast until the members of the Midnight Society notice her passion for horror films and invite her to join their club. She suffers from recurring nightmares that inspire her first story for the club, called Carnival of Doom.

Gavin Cocarelli is an outgoing member of the group who lives next door to Rachel. He is a fan of the genre and is able to easily spot Rachel’s interest in horror films. He is good friends with Louise and is a germaphobe.

JT Billings is the showrunner and executive producer for the new season of the kid-friendly horror anthology. He has worked on other projects, such as the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before franchise and Panic. Paul Kim serves as co-executive producer and ACE founder Matt Kaplan and Chris Foss serve as producers.


In the original series, each episode would feature a group of kids meeting in a secret location in the woods at night and then having one of them tell a scary story to the rest of the group. They then would have to answer questions and play games that related to the story in order to win prizes. This is a great way to make the kids feel like they are part of the show. Throughout the seasons, we got to see the members of the Midnight Society grow closer and develop their own unique personalities.

While some of the stories were more horror-oriented, others tended to be more funny or just plain silly. The series is known for combining humor with its scary stories, which gives the show an extra layer of appeal. This season is no exception, as it mixes humor with the fear of ghosts and monsters that could be lurking under your bed or in your closet.

New season of Are You Afraid of the Dark was filmed in the Dominican Republic and premieres on July 30. The new season follows a group of friends who go on what they think is going to be a fun summer vacation at a resort island, but find out that the island has a past that is a lot darker than they could have imagined.

The new cast of the Midnight Society consists of Kayla (played by Telci Huynh); Max (played by Conor Sherry); Leo (played by Luca Padovan); Summer (played by Dior Goodjohn); Ferris (played by Chance Hurstfield) and Stanley Crane (played by Julian Curtis). This is an incredible cast for a children’s television show and they are all doing an amazing job with their roles.


Are you Afraid of the Dark Ghost island is an expansion of the original kids anthology series that aired in the 1990s. It combines a strong cast of young actors with a horror atmosphere. Or the show takes place in a haunted hotel on an island resort where kids discover that their worst nightmares aren’t just a story.

The show stars Telci Huynh, Conor Sherry, Luca Padovan, Dior Goodjohn, Chance Hurstfield, and Julian Curtis. They were all at the premiere of the show on July 30th in Los Angeles. The event was held at the Veil Island Resort and guests enjoyed beachside activities, campfire snacks, and an exclusive first look at the new season.

The show is much tamer than Netflix’s Stranger Things and is a great alternative for kids who are scared of Goosebumps movies or the Stories to Tell in the Dark books. And it has a strong message about friendship and is also a good choice for families who prefer to avoid the use of physical violence in their entertainment choices. Are you Afraid of the Dark is a great way to have some family-friendly scares while having conversations about real-life fears and how they can influence your feelings and behavior. And it also highlights that it’s important to be able to make friends with people who have different backgrounds or social statuses than you.

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